Sunday, June 14, 2009

A tale of lost and found mojo...of the knitting variety

I have to confess that, since my last post, I lost my knitting mojo.

I gave up on the ‘Le Slouch’ beret – the moss seed stitch drove me crazy and after a good friend fixed it for me for what seemed like the 50th time, I finally admitted defeat and gave it up. Then I tried a dishcloth and cast on/frogged out so many times, I was driving myself crazy. And so, I just stopped knitting. Yes, it’s a crazy thing, but I did. It drew comments from my Stitch N Bitchers who were worried that I might have given up for good.

Luckily, The Naked Sheep saved me. Well, more specifically, the class they advertised in late May did! As you may remember, one of my goals for 2009 was that I promised myself to learn two new knitting techniques and the opportunity presented itself in the form of combination knitting. I confess that I didn’t know who Annie Modesitt was or what the heck combination knitting meant – I only knew that this was my chance to learn something new and hopefully get my mojo back.

I arrived with a friend for Annie’s class last Wednesday and from the moment we walked into the store, she was making me chuckle with her wit and keeping me totally entranced with her knitting wisdom.

So what is combination knitting? Here’s a link to Annie’s site (as I think she best explains it). It’s actually not so hard – it feels like a more natural way to knit for me and I definitely embraced it. The one challenge is learning to translate patterns which are written for Western knitting so that I can work them in combination style.

That’s all for now – I hope everyone had a chance to participate in Worldwide Knit in Public Day yesterday or today!

Happy knitting!

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