Sunday, October 29, 2006

Who knew???

I almost don't know where to begin this posting...I will say that the last month has been full of surprises. Most of which has to do with the very interesting man I met through LavaLife. I will call him Friday guy for now as we had our first date on Friday the 13th. Turns out it wasn't such an unlucky day for me!

We had started corresponding at the end of September by email and then MSN (how modern!) and we really hit it off. I agreed to go for dinner with him on the 13th and we met at the Wellesley station so we could walk to The Ethiopian House. I was so nervous - I couldn't sleep properly for the whole week; once I got down to the station and was about to meet him, my nerves kicked into overdrive ('What am I doing????" I thought).

I saw him standing by the turnstiles (as we'd agreed) and my heart skipped a beat - more out of nerves than his physical looks. I think I said that it was nice to meet him face to face; he said something similar and we started walking to the restaurant. Which is where things get interesting...we didn't shut up for the rest of the night. In fact, once dinner was over, we decided to skip the movie so we could carry on talking. We ended up closing down Seven West and left each other's company at 5AM! Whoa!!!!

Not one for playing games (as he'd told me), he called me later that day to say that he'd really enjoyed meeting me and that he wanted to see me again. We agreed to go on date 2 the following Saturday.

Saturday arrived and again, I was very nervous. This time, we went for Korean food (which I'd never had) on Queen West; I impressed him with my willingness to try a favourite food of his - eel. It was surprisingly tasty and not at all what I had expected...a bit like Friday guy himself! Again, we couldn't shut up and put off yet another movie so we could keep talking. We walked to The Rivoli and I was really a ball of nerves - he couldn't take his eyes off me and it was clear he was VERY interested in me. We sat a booth for 2 and the conversation touched on many topics - movies, music, philosophies - it was a really stimulating conversation and the weirdest part was how natural it all felt. It was as if we'd known each other for a very long time! I didn't get home until very early the next day - if we could have spent all weekend together, it still wouldn't have felt like we'd had enough time.

Date 3 was yesterday and we went for dinner in Little Italy (College Street Bar - nice ambience for a date!) and then went back to his place to watch one of his 'guilty pleasures' movies (The Island with Ewan MacGregor and Scarlett Johannsen - a typical dude kind of movie; lots of action and stuff blowing up - still enjoyable though!) and I brought my 'Greg the Bunny' Season 1 DVD. We had a great time watching the movie and laughed ourselves silly at Greg the Bunny (and agreed that it was a travesty that the show was cancelled!). I will admit that there was some smooching - but that's all I'll divulge! And again, another cliche, but it was amazing at how comfortable we felt with one another.

I have to remind myself that I sent out these good vibrations and that it's down to me that I've attracted this great guy. I just never believed it could have happened because of LavaLife though. Do you know how many people have told me stories about meeting their girl/boyfriend-wife/husband through Lava? I just never expected that I would meet someone as wonderful as Friday guy. I'm not saying he's 'the one' but there is definitely something very different about him compared to previous guys I've known.

Date 4 happens this Friday...stay tuned...


Sandi Purl said...

woo hoo! that's great! can't wait to hear glad that it's going so splendidly.

Sandi Purl said...

I just tagged you!