Sunday, September 10, 2006

A quick post

Hello to all my fans...ha, ha, ha...

Nothing earth-shatteringly exciting to write about today. Sadly, I'm at work (and taking a little brain break to write this post) so I can't make this too long.

The film festival is on in the city and despite my best attempts, I couldn't get tickets to see the new Borat film ( - WARNING! This site is not for the politically correct!). A friend and I ventured into Yorkville on Friday night, but aside from meeting some dude named 'Uncle Beano'and encountering the weirdest cabbie in the city (more about this in a later post), we didn't see any stars. The rain didn't help my great hair day at all and we ended up having Greek food at Danforth & Pape...Zorba's is awesome...try the calamari and homemade houmous!

That's all for now fans!


Peggy said...

Hi Wendy! It's Peggy from SnB. I can't make it tonight but I'll see you next Wed!

jacquieblackman said...

OMG I love Zorba's! That's right by my new pad. But I call it Mr. Anti-Social Greek. The guy behind the counter is not a very nice guy. But the food is gooooood.